When it comes to building a house, renovations or creating custom structures, having a clear blueprint can make a massive difference. At InDomus360, we can provide you with detailed drawings for a variety of projects including:

  • New custom homes
  • New infills
  • Suites above garages
  • Renovations & Additions to existing homes
  • Development & building permits
  • Basement development design
  • As-built drawings
  • And blueprint-to-CAD conversion


Initial Consultation

Every project starts with a free consultation. In our first meeting, we’ll get to know you and what your objectives are. Ideally, you’ll have a wish list for us as well as some photos that can give us a clear picture of your vision. Together we’ll create a plan and assemble a team to execute your objectives.

Quote & Contract

In the next step, we’ll provide you with an estimate for the project. After you review and accept the quote, we’ll move forward to the design phase.

Conceptual Design and Presentation

Creating a conceptual design usually takes about a week or two to complete. After the design is finished, we present our work to you, going over the details of the design and explaining the thought process behind the work.


In this phase, we’ll go over the initial design together and make the necessary adjustments before finalizing the decision and moving forward.

Design Approval

After making the final adjustments, we’ll send you our work for approval. From there, we’ll submit the design to acquire municipal permits.

Technical Support

InDomus360 also offers technical support during the building process. We can continue to represent you before the municipal authorities and provide consultation services throughout the building process.