Our Mission

At InDomus360, our mission is to provide technical solutions and design support to the clients who are looking for cost effective, professional and innovative services. We have an empowered workforce that is dedicated and value driven. Using the latest 3D imaging technology combined with years of professional experience, our aim is to fulfill the needs of safe and efficient designs and deliver them in a comprehensive and effective manner.

About Our Quality

InDomus360 is composed of motivated professionals who have a reputation of delivering top-quality imagery and technical documentation based on client specifications. We provide end-to-end customized solutions to our clients along with CAD data processing. We take immense pride in producing work that adheres to the highest industry standards while maintaining professional work relationships.



At InDomus360, you can find the perfect combination of skill and industry knowledge. Our methodology allows our process to be client satisfaction centric.

We operate with transparency, focusing on your needs while adhering to professional and safety standards. And we offer dynamic services that can be adapted to your needs.

InDomus360 will work closely with you in order to produce top-tier models, reliable as-builts and blue prints and quality 2D and 3D drafts.

Our team has 30 years of combined experience designing detailed and accurate digital copies of a variety of residential and commercial structures.



We are a team of four designers and technicians. Two of us hold a bachelor’s degree in architecture, one is a Civil Engineering Technologist graduate and the other Engineering Design & Drafting Technologist graduate from SAIT. We have decades of combined experience and training in design and drafting. We’re also passionate about photography and use state-of-the-art technology for our products.